Houston Philanthropist Franci Neely Honored for $250,000 Hermann Park Donation

Hermann Park Demonstrates a History of Inclusivity

Hermann Park has a history of being welcoming to all children and families. One of the park’s earlier board members, Keith Wade, grew up during a time when segregation was still prevalent in Houston. However, Hermann Park was always a safe space for him. Before he died in 2020, the former public servant and adviser to the mayor shared his thoughts on the park in a YouTube video. “When I was growing up, Houston was a segregated society but the one thing I was able to do was come to Hermann Park and play with kids of all shades, colors, backgrounds, and religions,” Wade said. “We all fed the ducks. This park gave people the opportunity to be in the same space in this great city and learn how to get along. All of the improvements that we’ve made in this park would not have happened without the input from the community and the contributions and volunteer hours.”

Franci Neely Shares the Art of Giving Back

Neely says the park is so dear to her that she’s eager to share the space with locals and visitors alike. “Any given day, you can see that [diversity] epitomized in Hermann Park,” she says. “So that’s why I’m so happy to be a supporter of that beloved green space.”



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